Mime Touch Theatre 默寄默劇團



                                                                                                        -  默寄默劇團





Mime Touch Theatre, founded in 1988, is the first registered Mime Company in Hong Kong. It became the member of the Hong Kong Movement Theatre Festival Association in 1996. Their aims include studying performing arts, exploring mime and understanding life.

In addition to performances with traditional white faces, Mime Touch also puts emphasis on experimentations which is clearly reflected in their attempts to integrate dancing clown, illusion, fluorescent effects and masks with mime.

Theirs ideas mainly come from member’s discussion and improvisations. All the work related to their production design, directing and performances are taken up by the members themselves.

Apart from the production on stage, Mime Touch also participates frequently in a variety of street shows, thus playing an important role in the promotion of mime in the local community.


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